Recon Festival & Lumen presents:

18th & 19th of September 2014

Victoria Gardens (outside Leeds Art Gallery), 8pm, free event

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If Architecture is frozen music, imagine what would happen in a thaw – Matt Dixon

Frozen Music uses the realtime scanning of performers brains to melt and morph the architecture of Leeds Art Gallery symbiotically linked to a live improvised score by Chris Sharkey and Christophe De Bezenac.

Amorphous Orchestra have teamed up with a neurologist and International Jazz musicians to create a series of live architectural projection mapping experiments to see what happens when artists, architects, musicians and special guests  imagine architecture as frozen music in a thaw.

Set to live score performed by Chris Sharkey and Christophe de Bezenac fusing written and improvised elements, acoustic and electronic sounds and, at it’s core, specially designed software allows the spontaneous electrical brain activity to interact with the music and visuals in real time via an EEG headset.  The piece will explore ideas of structure and the chaos arising from an architectural thaw.

The performer’s will be forced to coordinate or combat the effects of the chaotic stream of EEG information created by the stimulation of simultaneously playing and witnessing the visual; alongside other factors usually ‘unseen’ such as emotions, nervousness, excitement, stress and body temperature.

These factors mirror the unseen structure in architecture, concrete, girders, heat, wooden beams and miles of lethal electrical wire bringing life to the building.

“Music is liquid architecture; Architecture is frozen music.” Goethe