Pilot Theatre // Vespertine

Short excerpt from the 10th Vespertine Event in May 2016 at English Heritage’s Cold War Bunker in Acomb, York.

“Imagine a world where humans are forced to live underground, the surface uninhabitable.

Technology has become the only way to reach out and connect. Pilot Theatre and York Theatre Royal take you underground and into the world of E.M Forster’s ‘The Machine Stops’. Featuring an exclusive live performance of the newly composed soundtrack for the play, composed by John Foxx and analogue synth specialist Benge. Set against the backdrop of York’s own Cold War Bunker, visuals (created live by James Islip) and music combine to explore our complex relationship with technology and what this might mean for human connection now and in the future.”


Visuals for the play The Machine Stops by Pilot Theatre

visuals by James Islip / Lumen.