Video piece by Sam Meech commissioned by Virgin Records, projectors supplied and installed by Lumen. 

We work with artists and creative organisations in a number of ways. We hire out audio/visual equipment, we hire out technicians with a range of skills; sound engineers, projectionists, gallery and museum technicians and video tech. But these are services that most audio/visual companies can provide. We like to do more than this.

Lumen works with artists to help develop their work. We offer consultancy to help introduce technical planning at an early stage, to try and imagine what something might look like, or sound like, and how that might be achieved. We offer hands on support for artists to help them create their work, teach them how to capture sound or edit video, so that next time they might have the skills to do this for themselves.

Crucially, we are non-judgemental. We encourage people to have ideas, and we don’t let ‘the way we would do it’ restrain their way of working. We help them find the right technical solution for whatever the artistic application.  All our technicians come from a range of backgrounds, and also have their own artistic practice as projection / video artists, sound artists or musicians.

Lumen does not have shareholders, all of our staff are paid the same wage, a fair living wage, and we make collective decisions about how our organisation operates. Profits our company generates are invested in our equipment, people and resources. This means we can try and keep our hire prices below commercial rates and offer discounts to any creative / arts organisations or individuals.