Over the summer, Lumen sponsored Poor Image Projects with A/V equipment over three separate installations and events around Leeds. Poor Image Projects (PIP) is a new venture that explores the audio-visual in all its guises – be it computer-generated, analogue, high-definition, tactile, technical or sensual. 
Led by Leeds-based artists Anya Stewart-Maggs and Bethan Hughes, the project intends the viewers, participants and collaborators to glimpse and push the boundless nature of the audio-visual. Definitely something that we at Lumen try to actively promote. 
Access to Lumen’s equipment and expertise allows PIP to support their artists and provide a high quality audio-visual experience for audiences at their events; as you can see in the documentation of the events below. 
We actively encourage local and regional artists, curators and technicians to get in touch with us to discuss upcoming events or projects. There are many ways in which Lumen can provide support – from advice, access to equipment or more hands-on technical management and installation.   

It is great to see what PIP have presented this year, and it’s important for us to support the audio-visual arts community in our City. 
All images by Jules Lister.